Welcome to my blog and my first official post. My name is Emily, and I am currently a senior at the University of Florida. For the next four months, the posts for this blog will be used for MMC 5006 or Introduction to Multimedia Communication, a graduate course at the University of Florida.

At the University of Florida, I am pursuing a B.S. in public relations and a masters certificate in social media. With this, I am also studying psychology as an outside concentration. I love to travel, read, and play volleyball. If you want to know more, visit me about me page here.

As MMC5006 begins, I am looking forward to learning more about multimedia communication and social media. I currently have multiple jobs using social media, so I hope to apply what I learn in this class immediately. I also look forward to collaborating and discussing topics with my classmates. Several of them have graduated college and have careers, which gives them a completely different reality than I have as a student. In past classes, I have learned a great deal from my classmates and look forward to doing the same this semester.

To demonstrate my love of traveling, below is a picture of my friends and I in the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee.



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