Kate Spade and Its Multimedia Tactics

When you come into contact with me, it’s no secret that I love Kate Spade. In fact, it’s pretty obvious by my accessories and what bag I’m carrying, but what I love about Kate Spade is not just the design of the bag. It is the brand and image it has built of the sophisticated, colorful woman. Kate Spade’s motto is “live colorfully,” which I find to be a fancier (Kate Spade) way of saying “live every day to the fullest.” The woman Kate Spade centers its brand around can be described by the words in the photo.


The challenge Kate Spade faces is portraying these words across multimedia channels, both online and offline. When it comes to online, Kate Spade does a great job of using its social media to build upon this woman. Whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest, a consumer can gather sophistication and color from the imagery and diction used.

screenhunter_02-sep-11-18-38     screenhunter_03-sep-11-18-39

Tweets are regularly scheduled and sent out every day, just like the examples above. I prefer the tweets over Facebook posts because they are less lengthy, and isn’t as socially acceptable to share posts. Because of all the products Kate Spade offers, it is not only a high fashion company, but also could be considered a lifestyle. This lifestyle is very well portrayed through the Pinterest profile. With boards such as Home Collection, Kids: Skirting the Rules, or #livecolorfully, a consumer understands the brands image and receives the lifestyle message. Keeping the brand’s message the same across the multimedia channels is vital to any campaign or company. In “5 Ways to Maintain Brand Cohesion on Social Media,” Adweek writer Kimberlee Morrison suggests to maintain a consistent tone across networks and create sharable content. Throughout all online mediums, Kate Spade has a cohesive image and has sharable content, as demonstrated in the tweets above. Recently, a blog was launched,allowing Kate Spade lovers to follow the brand on Tumblr. By creating a blog, Kate Spade can reach a new target market through Tumblr. Not all images used are exclusively Kate Spade, but actually point more towards the “Kate Spade lifestyle.”


Just as important as online marketing is putting forth efforts offline. Communicating to customers offline allows a company to reach other audiences, most likely older generations, and appear to its online audience more often. While Kate Spade is a large, international company, it doesn’t use advertisements such as billboards because of its high fashion industry. Instead, ads such as those are found more in New York City. Therefore, offline communications are found more in fashion magazines, attractive storefronts, and word-of-mouth advertising.

cbb18e7608528c5b294cab6dff49238a  kate-spade-new-york-womens-fragrance_header_01-e1364921086965

Ads such as the ones pictured above can be found in fashion magazine. When and where these print ads appear depends on the season and audience of the various high fashion magazines. But, one of the most important offline communication tools are the storefront and displays. By using colorful and sometimes unusual designs, Kate Spade has the ability to attract customers into their store, resulting in a potential purchase. The bright colors used can easily catch a passerbyer’s attention, even from a distance.


Because I am a millennial, I do spend a decent amount of time online and on my phone. Therefore, I believe I am biased towards Kate Spade online communication. My personal experience with its marketing communications is heavily online influenced. I receive emails almost daily and typically see its online ads through YouTube videos or tweets. This is not to say that Kate Spade doesn’t excel in offline communication, but rather just a comment on my own personal experience.


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