Fictional Target Audience Profiles

Determining who your target audiences are is not an easy task, especially when there are multiple audiences, each with different likes, dislikes, and purchasing histories. Recently, I have started developing fictional target audiences for a client I have chosen for a project in MMC5006. The client I decided to work with is Book of the Month, and this week, I have developed three fictional audience profiles, each directly or indirectly influencing each other’s purchasing process and decisions. Because BOTM is a B2C organization, the target audience have the possibility of influencing each other or their friends. The three profiles are created with the idea of word-of-mouth advertising because of its popularity among millennials.

As an end user profile, we have 26-year-old Associate Event Planner Lydia Lennox. Lydia makes $43,000 a year, plus any income she receives from selling her paintings and artwork of Etsy. She has been out of college for a few years, but is still in touch with all of her college friends. She also has plenty of friends outside of college. Because of social media, it’s easy for Lydia to keep up with and connect with anyone she knows who doesn’t live in a close distance from where she lives. Because of her job as an event planner, Lydia is quick to make decisions and not look back. She also is used to being offered choices because of her job and ultimately, picking out what she thinks is best for the event. However, when it comes to buying things, she strongly relies on what her friends have purchased/liked or reviews online. Lydia is a pop culture die hard and loves to be in the know of all things entertainment. Award season is her favorite time of year. She regularly watches Netflix and Hulu. Lydia likes to be able to keep up with current events and sound smart when talking to her friends about it. She doesn’t like anything that takes her more than 10 minutes to figure out (technology or not). If it takes longer than that, she simply moves on. Because of her love for pop culture and current events, Lydia consumes massive amounts of media daily. She is signed up for multiple email newsletters and has apps on her phone for all of her media needs. It’s likely you’ve seen her on her phone or computer at any given time. She gets the majority of her news from social media or word-of-mouth from her friends. She has a ton of connections and friends on social media, therefore, she is easily exposed to opinions and reviews from anyone she has ever met. Lydia is technologically savvy and can find things on the Internet very easily. Due to event planning, she knows how to use Adobe Creative Cloud like a pro. Lydia has the budget to buy a subscription from BOTM because of her budgeting. Entertainment is high on her priority list, so books picked out by celebrities is something she loves. Often, she looks over the product’s website, decides what she thinks, and then will buy it either for herself or as a gift for a friend.

30-year-old Matt Rossing is this project’s economic buyer. Matt influences many of his friends through his opinions, such as Lydia. Matt is a junior financial analyst, who loves intellectual conversations, especially about words and books. He makes $70,000 a year and also buys and resells things on Ebay for fun. Matt has worked in the finance industry since leaving college. He has a masters degree in finance and is a CPA. Matt often goes out with his friends and co-workers after work and is seen as intellectual, sarcastic, and witty. His sarcasm is especially appreciated by people who love TV shows such as “The Office” or “Parks and Recreation.” He keeps an analytical view, but loves to involve himself in stories such as books or TV. Matt often weighs his decisions and is very thoughtful before committing to something to purchase. Usually, he looks at a product without looking at the price. He thinks of the price he is willing to pay in his head, and then decides if the actual price is a good fit for him. He is most definitely a pros and cons list maker. Matt isn’t worried about financial issues because he has a budget to purchase leisurely items. Matt dislikes laziness or anything he deems as immature. It’s easy to tell what Matt is doing, likes, or dislikes by looking at his social media. He often shares posts or his thoughts via tweets or Facebook posts. Matt regularly consumes media through daily newsletters or major national newspapers. Because of his high usage of social media, he is also exposed to his friends’ opinions. Matt watches the news when he comes home from work and receives notifications on his phone via the Associated Press app. Before buying, Matt researches a product heavily through social media or other online entities. He relies on his friends’ opinions, but is more often than not, the one who is giving the opinion. Because he weighs purchases thoroughly, his friends have a high amount of trust in him. Matt is extremely good at using computers, especially Macs. As stated before, when it comes to purchasing, if the price is right for him, he will do it.

Lastly, Mary Turner makes up the technical buyer profile. Mary is a 34-year-old magazine editor for a major fashion magazine. She makes $89,000 a year and has spent nine years in the publishing industry. Leading her readers in the right direction is of high priority to Mary. She despises when readers strongly dislike any product she has reviewed because their opinions are important to her. Mary has a bachelors in journalism and is exploring the possibility of getting her masters online at a university. Mary doesn’t like the idea of night classes because it would take away time from her kids. Decision making is a long process for her because she wants to do right by her family and readers. It’s not often Mary is making a purchasing decision for just herself. Mary loves products that work well and that will appeal to a majority of people. She understands the difficulty of broad target audiences, but appreciates products that make it work to all ages. She dislikes misleading advice from anyone in her life, but especially because she doesn’t want to be the person giving it. Because of her job as a magazine editor, Mary consumes large amounts of media. She wants to stay on the cutting edge of current events to impress her boss and her readers. She consumes media through online entities, social media, and competitors’ magazines and apps. Her bachelors in journalism has given her the drive to break a story first. Mary is an eloquent writer and a grammar genius. It’s not unusual for her to correct anyone if their speech is wrong. She enjoys going to parks and rainy days. Reading to her kids is also something she loves to do to expose them to new stories and broaden their imaginations. Occasionally, she will write TV or book reviews for fun because she knows practice makes perfect even though they won’t get published. Researching is also something Mary loves to do. Social media and blogs are where she finds what her target readers are currently doing. Trends are important to her because of her job in the fashion world. Mary is an avid online user, but has trouble figuring out new IOS updates for her iphone. When it comes to purchasing, Mary is thinking about what her family needs first before she buys anything for herself. Typically, there is plenty of money in each budget area, but she likes to make sure her kids have everything they need first before she buys a leisurely item for herself. Mary reads reviews online, then tries the product out herself. If she likes it, it’s likely she will also post a review.



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