Facebook Carousal Ad

With the beginning of fall and all the cozy things and activities the season entails, it’s the perfect time for Book of the Month to start a new campaign. When people thing of fall, they think of warm, cozy activities that they and their friends can participate in. Reading a great book by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate and a cozy sweater is a perfect imagery for fall coziness. This idea is the center of the campaign I created for BOTM, especially since consumer picks for each book are due at the beginning of each month. Below is a screenshots of the entire carousal ad.

screenhunter_24-oct-02-14-43 screenhunter_25-oct-02-14-43 screenhunter_26-oct-02-14-44

In the first picture of the ad are the book picks for the month of October. I chose these photos because of their fall imagery with the books. I pulled the three of the images from BOTM’s website because I wanted to keep my imagined ads consistent with the brand’s images, fonts, and messages. By using pictures with leaves and books, a connection can be drawn between fall activities and reading. As seen in the first picture, some of the book covers use warm colors, so a consumer can imagine themselves sitting somewhere nice and warm with a book that would look great in an autumn Instagram. When deciding on what text to write, I wanted to grab a consumer’s attention with descriptive words because if they are scrolling fast through their newsfeed, it isn’t always an easy task to reel in their attention. The chosen text also intimates the idea of fall and reading once again.


The above screenshot shows the behind-the-scenes of the creation of the carousal ad. If a user clicks on the ad, it will take them to the official BOTM website, where there is plenty of information for a consumer to become acquainted with the company and hopefully, become a subscriber. The maximum number of images you can use in a carousal ad is five, but I think it’s better to use less unless you are a company trying to show off different products such as clothes or accessories.


While one of the main target audiences is millennials and the generation a bit older than them, I picked the age maximum as 44 because I think that there are other audiences in that age group that would be ideal for this company. Both men and women were chosen, but I believe that women is most likely makes up the majority of the BOTM’s consumers. Also, I picked the entire United States because this campaign is centered around a season rather than something only part of the country experiences. Instead, autumn activities are something that everyone in the United States do during this time of year. Besides targeting the people who might already be interested in the company, I decided to also add people who are interested in the topics such as entertainment and reading. You can see all the topics and subtopics I picked in the above screenshot. Of course, I wanted people who are interested in reading to come across this ad. Whether they read non-fiction, fiction, or newspapers, the audience might be interested in other kinds of books too. The category of entertainment and celebrities was also picked because public figures and celebrities have a hand in picking the books of the month as a part of panel of judges. Facebook users who like celebrities and entertainment might be drawn into the idea of reading books picked out by their favorite celebrities or public figures.


I actually picked a budget of $1,000 a day, but I think when I went to screenshot, it accidentally changed back to $500. I chose to continue this campaign for the longest time period because it applies to the entire season of fall, rather than just a current event. After this initial promotion period, I would look at how the campaign did and who it attracted. After studying and measuring the campaign metrics, I would alter the campaign if need be for the next round of Facebook ads. However, the season of autumn would continue to be the center of campaign. I think because I picked a target audience of the entire United States that the budget needs to be bigger.


Above is a screenshot of what the carousal ad would look like mobilely. However, it is very similar to what it would like on a desktop, but it’s easier to scroll through the pictures. In my personal opinion, I am not a fan of carousal ads. I prefer one large image because I think multiple can confuse a user, but as I mentioned before, I think they work well if you are a company trying to sell multiple products. BOTM is selling a subscription service, so I don’t think it needs a carousal ad.



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