Blogs That Always Catch My Attention

I always get addicted to certain blogs for an extended amount of time. Usually, these blogs reflect who I want to be or things that I love. Some of them I think are my Pinterest boards culminated in an actual person. Blogs are a fantastic way to establish your personal brand and get your name out there. Whether it’s a personal brand or more of a professional blog, the content you post may ultimately get you sponsorships or more popular.

A blog that I have long followed is College Prepster. This blog features mostly fashion, but has lifestyle, travel, and food sprinkled in with posts here and there. Fashion and style are the center of this blog. In my mind, my closet looks just like what she is displaying. The blog is ran by Carly Heitlinger, who started the blog as an outlet when she was a freshman at Georgetown. College Prepster has grown from just an outlet into a semi-professional blog. screenhunter_33-oct-09-17-35

College Prepster is used to showcase a preppy sense of fashion, but I think the writer also portrays it as a lifestyle. No matter where she travels, she shows her outfits and takes professional photos to show her sense of style. Because College Prepster is so popular with the college and young adult demographics, sales or fashion advertisements are often found within the blog posts. Many of the posts feature outfits and then where she purchased the pieces. Carly is often pictured at events for the brands she publicizes such as Kate Spade, J. Crew, or Nordstrom. Often, there are partnerships with other bloggers or stores that offer giveaways such as the one featured below.


College Prepster is successful for multiple reasons. There are new blog posts every day or mostly every day. The posts are full of bright images and links to other websites, drawing in the attention of the reader. Because posts are so regular, a reader can log on at any time and see new content. All content is also original. Sometimes, there are guest bloggers, but a majority of the work is done by Carly.  Also, there are a multitude of options to share the website, posts, or find College Prepster on a majority of social media platforms.


Everything that is seen on the website reflects Carly’s personal brand. A preppy lifestyle is shown through the types of fonts used on the website, what is being worn in the photos, activities she does, and the lifestyle items she reviews. When a reader logs on, one can deduce almost immediately what the blog is about. Advertisements aren’t as prominent on this blog as on others. There are not any sidebar images that pop up and show you advertisements based on your computer’s cookies. The advertisements on College Prepster are much more subtle. Instead, they are interlaced into a post such as in the links to the outfit she wears, giveaways, or a given discount code just for College Prepster readers.


Finding niche blogs can be difficult because not every writer knows how to use SEO to its full potential. However, this is not the case for College Prepster because it is so popular.



If College Prepster isn’t really your style, you might  be more interested in Brit + Co. Brit + Co. is a professional company that seems like it could be an aggregator because it is so big. However, it’s more of a company blog with many different writers. Brit + Co. covers a variety of topics such as exercise, tech, food, fashion, and much more. It covers just about everything you come across in life. screenhunter_37-oct-09-17-58

The purpose of this blog is to write about every and any thing that a girl might come across in her life. There is fashion, pop culture, career, beauty, and health advice. Usually,  if one googles something regarding these topics, a post from Brit+Co. will appear.


Because this is such a large and popular blog/website, marketing and SEO must be on their A game. Traffic needs to be driven to the website in order to keep up its popularity. Brit + Co. is one of the major blogs where posts do go viral, depending on the subject matter. New posts show up hourly because of the massive amounts of topics the blog covers. Also, they do a great job with social media. It reminds me of a smaller Buzzfeed, but in more of a blog form. Content is easily shared with Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest suggestions at the top of each post. Brit + Co. also has their own app available for download.


The values shown in the image above demonstrate the Brit + Co. brand. What started as a DIY site has not grown into a blog and commerce site that reaches millions of people daily. When skimming through the website, these values are evident through the posts, writing, and images. Similar to College Prepster, advertisements are not as featured on Brit + Co., but rather sewn into various posts. Advertisements can be found through sponsored posts of items or partnerships with that company demonstrating how to use their products. Because Brit+ Co. is also a store, the site wants to drive commerce towards themselves rather than competitors.


Both of these blogs do a great job in reflecting their brands and sense of style.  With such large audiences, these blogs need to work perfectly and have an easy navigation through the websites.


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