Snapchat Updates: New Ways To Use Content

With IOS10, the iPhone 7, and general user interface updates on coming onto the market, apps have been updating and revamping themselves. Snapchat has put in some work and added new features for its users, including using memories. Because of this edition, brands and companies can now reuse content, save stories, or cross-promote across different platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Now, content doesn’t have to be taken immediately and posted, but rather strategically picked and designed. Possibilities are endless.

For educational purposes, I have created a fictional Snap story that could be utilized by Book of the Month. Because BOTM has guest judges on its panel each month, it could use Snapchat in generating excitement for the announcement of the judges or books chosen for each month. Actress Constance Wu is the celebrity guest judge for the month of October. Created by using the memories function on Snapchat, the images below are examples of a story BOTM could have created in order to make this announcement.

img_3957 img_3961img_3962img_3953

These fictional Snaps depict what an BOTM announcement on Snapchat could look like if the marketers decided to use the Snapchat platform in this fashion. The first image is more of a welcome image and states the purpose the that particular story. The following two are hints about who the celebrity judge is. The images were pulled from Wu’s show “Fresh Off The Boat.” In the third picture, the boy shown is her fictional television son. In the final Snap, Wu can be seen with the book she chose for the month of October. It also advertises a Q&A BOTM did with her as a part of her guest judging.

Using Snapchat is a great way to give a live view at your company or generate more excitement about your products. BOTM could use Snapchat stories and memories in a variety of ways to up excitement and supplement its marketing tactics. Another idea would be to follow a book that was shipped out to a reader- maybe a first time subscriber. Then, Snapchat users could get a taste of the excitement when a book shows up at their door every month.

I have only used Snapchat for my personal use. Although, it is one of my favorite social media platforms because I love looking through stories. However, corporate or sponsored stories don’t interest me that much. I rather follow a celebrity or brand through my own choosing and see into their everyday lives. One person I follow on Snapchat is Jimmy Fallon. I enjoy getting to see how his days are rather than just what we see on the show. I think it gives celebrities and brands a more human touch, which ultimately will help them sell.

With Snapchat’s updates, brands and companies have new ways of marketing to its consumers. For example, a new product could be rolled out and marketed with pre-designed content, rather than instantly taken content like in the past. Previously, brands couldn’t upload digital content and had to take live pictures. In ” 12 Ways Brands Can Use Snapchat’s Memories To Mix New and Existing Content,” writer Serena Ehrlich suggests several ways for companies to use the memory function. Examples include:

  • driving sales
  • sharing coupons
  • corporate branding
  • amplifying live events
  • enhancing influencer relationships

Hootsuite has some very helpful tips on how to incorporate Snapchat in your marketing campaign. Click here if you’re interested in more information.



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