Content Communities

My name is Emily, and I am a Pinterest addict.

I am a content communities lover, especially of Pinterest, YouTube, and Tumblr. After learning about IMC and content communities this week, I have a much deeper understanding of its importance to brand marketers. There is so much to gain from content marketing and content sharing platforms because of recommendations from friends or shared items such as videos, images, or pins. Marketers have the opportunities to expand their markets and look for new audiences in new places. In “How to Leverage Content Communities to Expand Your Brand Reach,” Julianne Staino states, “By looking to target different audiences for a certain type of content, you are actively pushing your brands exposure and not resting on what you already have. In order to gain new customers you have to be thinking about new opportunities and how you can penetrate different markets. To do this, creating content specific materials is key.”

As the saying goes ‘content is king.’ Therefore, it is incredibly important that your content is excellent and something you are proud of. By using such communities, a marketer is relying on the fact that their created content is good and will attract new audiences or further the relationship with its current one. Imagine if a big brand you really loved sent out a piece of content that wasn’t that impressive or didn’t fit the brand. Its consumers would be confused and most likely left with a bad taste in their mouth. Luckily, this is a not a problem we run into often because of how important these communities are.

While Book of The Month has an existing Pinterest account, I created a board on my personal account for this project. The theme for my fictional campaign for BOTM is centered around autumn and cozy reading. I named the Pinterest board ‘Get Cozy with BOTM.


This board features activities, items, book lists, and food suggestions with all things autumn. Here, you can find different pins on comfy places to read BOTM books, blankets to use, or just general cozy pictures. There are multiple pins that are BOTM content, such as the October list or BOTM merchandise. The other pins are to give a pinner the illusion or feeling of autumn and reading. The goal is to hopefully inspire the pinner to read or create places such as the pins for them to read their BOTM book choice for that month. This board fits the “falling into fall” idea because of its cozy feeling with the BOTM books and merchandise. One can also find recipes or decorations for pinners to make for their homes or to eat while they are reading. Pinterest inspires its user to create or imitate the images they see online. Ultimately, this is what BOTM wants to do.

Another content community that I think BOTM would thrive on is Tumblr. This is a platform that a young target audience can be found on. Tumblr is home to many thriving fandoms who love the next good book. Creating a fall image or illusion on Tumblr is easy due to the content sharing. BOTM could also add its October lists. BOTM does not have a current existing Tumblr, so i think it would be an interesting platform for the brand to get into in order to tap into that younger audience.

I debated on creating a fictional Tumblr for this project, but I wanted to stick with boards/collections idea rather than just one long stream of images or links like on Tumblr. One content platform that a female audience uses is We Heart It. Similar to Flickr, We Heart It is also an image curating site, but has more female and younger uses. I would call it a cross between Instagram and Pinterst. Here is the collection I created for BOTM on We Heart It. The collection is call ‘FALL into Fall with BOTM.’ I wanted the title to be different from the Pinterest board in order to keep things similar, yet different across different social platforms.


The We Heart It collection features autumn images, along with the BOTM imagery in order to keep the brand message the same across channels. This board is filled with autumn inspiration for users, attracting female users to the brand by creating this imagery. The goal is to spark interest in order to get users to look more into BOTM, and ultimately, subscribe. This fits into the campaign because it is similar to Instagram and Pinterest.



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